About Us

Cross Fire Alarms are a part of the OmniShield Home Safe Network Cross Fire Smoke Alarms are 3786:2014 compliant and of the highest quality. Our mission is to protect the world.one family at a time. We take a different approach to protecting a family and their possessions. The minimum standard is not good enough for our customers. We provide peace of mind for the growing circle of homeowners who want to know their family and property is safe. We provide this assurance while you sleep, while you work and while you are away.

Cross Fire is not the product of compromise. It isn’t built to be. So compromise somewhere else.


Join Our Team

We are seeking individuals who are passionate about protecting families, pets and their possessions to join our network of Independent Authorized Distributors and their Crossfire Advisors. Please reach out to us by giving us your information and we will have a Dealer Development Specialist contact you.