Smart Phone App

Unique to the OmniShield Network is your ability to see each sensor on your network and receive email and text alerts. The app allows you to view the conditions in each room and share the information with up to 8 contacts. When the fire department is contacted, you will be able to identify the area of the home where the danger exists.


Bedside Control Center

The Network provides a bedside control center for an event positioning system. If the network alarms, you can press the silence button and you will hear the sensor that initiated the alert. Combined with the text alert and app, you will pinpoint the origin of the danger.

Multiple Sensors & Alerts

OmniShield utilizes multiple sensors to monitor the home. Each of our detection systems utilize multiple sensors in order to alert your faster and eliminate the chance of false alarms. When our sensors detect danger, we alert you in multiple ways to ensure you know the state of safety in your home. In addition, the app will provide email and text alerts no matter where you are or what you’re doing.