The OmniShield heat sensor is a crucial piece of the network. Its application in areas of your home not suitable for smoke alarms makes it an ideal addition for fire safety.

  •  Rate-of-Rise with Dual Differentiation Technology
  •  Fixed Temperature with 3 programmable settings (117° 135° 175°)
  •  Texas Instruments microprocessor-controlled
  •  Quartz Crystal Oscillator
  •  Proprietary wireless connection
  •  One touch silence feature
  •  94 VO flame rated to UL Standards
  •  Meets 10-Year tamper resistant requirement with 20 year industrial LiMn sealed battery
  • 100 db Piezo Horn
  •  Illuminated HD LED icon for warnings and alerts
  •  Frequency hopping feature for reliability
  •  60m range
  •  Self diagnostics
  •  Lifetime fire replacement warranty
  •  Lifetime replacement guarantee
  •  Patent Pending
  •  Engineered and manufactured in the USA
  • Certified to 3786:2014 Latest Australian Standards