The OmniShield state-of-the-art smoke sensor is the most reliable smoke detection unit in the industry due to both the quality of its components and the precision manufacturing methods.

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The OmniShield heat sensor is a crucial piece of the network. Its application in areas of your home not suitable for smoke alarms makes it an ideal addition for fire Crossfire.

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Carbon Monoxide

Carbon Monoxide sensors are often overlooked; however, this essential OmniShield sensor will keep you safe from an odorless and silent killer.

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Bed Shaker

The Bed Shaker provides the most effective waking sound along with the added bonus of vibrating the mattress. This piece of the network will help to achieve the most important goal of any home safe network; alerting you while you sleep.

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Water & Freeze

With 37% of home owners claiming water damage it is essential to have water and freeze protection as part of our Network. The sensor will alert the Network and warn you as temperatures reach 40 degrees, before pipes freeze. And, you’ll know instantly if your washer starts to leak.

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